LoW8 cylinders were approved in Malaysia by Apragaz

LoW8 holds the Approval according to the latest version of EN 14427 : 2014 for it’s Malaysian LoW8 Cylinder, as produced by our Licensee PCAC in Klang, Malaysia. The 14kg version is completely according to Malaysian standardized metal size. This way the Gas Companies do not have to change anything in their existing infrastructure like [...]

PCAC in Malaysia receives Pressure Testing Equipment to complete the LoW8 Production Line.

The team of ALE Technical Services installed the last Machines in Malaysia, see video. PCAC is our premier partner in the Far East for Licensed Production of the LoW8 LPG cylinders, mass delivery of the new 2015 model LoW8 LPG Cylinders for Malaysia will start early 2016