Located in the The Netherlands, the LoW8 (Low W-eight) company  is dedicated to the development, testing and licensing of the most environmental friendly technology for ultra low weight pressurized composite cylinders.

The LoW8 company is a 100% subsidiary of ALE Delft B.V. (

“Bringing Aerospace Technology Down to Earth” is what we do. For the LoW8 cylinders this means: introducing for the very first time a ultra lightweight composite cylinder which is truly impact resistant, maintenance free, environmentally friendly and safe.

It took us many years to develop and pass the most extreme testing programs to perfect this revolutionary technology. Not only the new generation lightweight cylinders but also the clean production process.

Out of environmental reasons (why would you like to transport empty packaging around our globe?) we are convinced that local production is the key to sustainable success. This means we always team up with local partners to which we license the LoW8 technology, including all essential production equipment, IP rights and testing facilities.

Although LoW8 started with a low pressure application, being LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), there is virtually no limitation on the type of gas (CNG, hydrogen, industrial gasses, LNG) which can be efficiently and environmentally friendly stored and transported with this technology.