Save the Environment – Go Green – Go Low8

Independent and TUV accredited consultancy firm Ecomatters executed a quantitative assessment on the sustainability of the CO2 footprint of LoW8 composite cylinders. The outcome is not surprising but still beneficial for both the environment and your total costs of ownership.

This is what we call a win-win situation!

Ecomatters looked at both the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as well as the Eco Efficiency Analysis (EEA). The Customer Benefit Model (CBM) reveals what the actual costs of ownership are when using a LoW8 cylinder. Please go to the Specifications tab to learn how you can save money.

When using a LoW8 cylinder it is good to know that you save an amazing 71% of CO2 compared to a steel equivalent. And this is even if we leave out the recycling of the LoW8 cylinder (which is 100%!). The main drivers for such a low impact on the environment are:

  • zero emission and waste during production
  • 80% weight reduction compared to steel
  • maintenance free (no corrosion, no repainting)
  • fully recyclable (the only composite technology offering this)

Energy foot print
The very efficient production process, which does not need any heating or cooling cycles is completely emission free and results in an energy reduction of over 80% compared to a steel or conventional composite technology. The results from Ecomatters quantify what most experts already knew: the LoW8 technology is the most environmental friendly technology for storing and transporting compressed gasses. By far.

 Energy foot print CO2 footprint