The LoW8 Production Process is:

  • Environmental friendly (zero emission, CO2 neutral) 
  • Fast (2 minutes production time per cylinder all in)
  • Reliable (fully automated, 100% traceability)

Seeing it is believing it. Please see the video of our production technology here.

As stated in the video above the production can be split in the following steps:

Blow Moulding of the liner. This requires a fairly standard Blow Moulding Machine but the HDPE modified plastic used is far from standard. See Technology for more information.

Fast Filament Winding. A dedicated machine which places the Aramide fibers in about 2 minutes on the liner. The liner rotates around 2 axes while the feeding eye moves in a straight line. The specially developed controlling software (PresVes) warrants an extremely accurate positioning of the fiber strands. No resin, no curing: a very clean process.

Coating Dispensing. A fully robotized dispensing machine dispenses the special elastomeric coating in a unique way. No emission, no waste, no ventilation needed. The coating cures at room temperature and after curing it gives the most durable protective layer the industry has seen.

Pressure Testing Equipment. After mounting the handle and foot ring each cylinder has to be test pressurized. This is done hydrostatically on a machine developed by ALE Technical services. The same company also developed a Cyclic Testing Machine and a Burst Tester. These machines are an integral part of the production line but can also be ordered separately.

RFID. Each cylinder produced is labeled at the start of the production cycle with a robust industrial grade RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Chip) which is used during the complete production process for track and trace as well as data logging. All machines mentioned above use this wireless identification for quality control throughout the complete process.

LoW8 strongly believes in local production in order to avoid shipping costs and to save the environment. ALE Technical Services delivers the complete production line on a Turn Key basis. For more information about licensing please Contact us.