Impact Resistance

droptest_smallDesigning and producing composite cylinders requires dedicated regulations. In Europe three main standards are being used: ISO 11119-3,EN 12245 and EN 14427. Both warrant quality and safety. Of course LoW8 cylinders comply with the relevant standards. But the LoW8 technology sets new standards on it’s own, just to be on the safe side. The main focus was to find an adequate solution for the impact and damage issues all other composite solutions face. For that reason we had to come with a major breakthrough; make the composite truly flexible, allowing deformations exceeding 50% (of it’s initial shape). To make a complex technical story short: the impact properties of the LoW8 are simply stunning and unmatched by any other cylinder, composite or steel!
Even after dropping it from heights exceeding 3 meters (on a steel wedge) you will not see any damage and there is no damage. Even cyclic testing after such severe drop tests shows no degradation. What you see is what you get! No visible damage = no damage. Visual inspection has never been so easy.

Bon Fire Safety
burntest_smallIn case the LoW8 cylinder will be exposed to fire there will be no increase in pressure inside and hence no risk of explosion. Even if the pressure relieve valve is closed, the cylinder is placed upside down or horizontal, the result will be the same: hardly any built up of internal pressure and surely no explosion!

Bullet Test
0_308cal_smallThe LoW8 technology proves again to give ultimate safety. Even in the extreme situation of shooting on it with a 0.308 caliber (according to EN 12245) the LoW8 just vents through the entrance and exit holes without any other damage!. No fragmentation, no rupture at all. The LoW8 is best in class and provides unmatched safety performance even in extreme situations.