The LPG cylinders come in a range of sizes, colors and handle designs. The LoW8 composite cylinders are the only composite cylinders that resist all impact loading and for that reason do not need any protective cover or casing. As a result the LoW8 cylinders are interchangeable with existing steel versions. And this means: no need to modify any logistic procedure. This is another main difference with conventional composite cylinders!

Please see the video about automatic filling which shows that a LPG distributor can even mix the LoW8 cylinder with existing steel ones.

The ultra wear resistant outer coating is UV-stable, fire retardant and flexible in case of impacts.

New for 2015 design is the replaceable handle and foot ring. In the very unlikely event of damage it’s easy and cheap to replace them with the help of special tooling.

The advantages in a quick overview:

  • 100% interchangeable with existing steel sizes; same size = same capacity
  • UltraWear Resistant outer layer of elastomeric material
  • No casing = best vapour capacity (a blue flame stays blue).
  • Very easy to clean
  • 80% Weight reduction compared to a steel equivalent
  • Soft Grip Handles combine best ergonomics with most robust design
  • Any valve connection possible thanks to patented Torque Free design
  • Over torquing valve impossible
  • Stable and stackable
  • Different colours possible
  • Integrated RFID chip for full traceability
  • Replaceable and customizable handle and foot ring