The main goal for the R&D team, normally active in the aerospace industry, was to develop a technology that combines the lightness of composite structures without the typical drawback of traditional composites being sensitive to damage caused by daily use.

The LoW8 cylinder inside out:

Liner. The inner part is called “liner” and made of recyclable HDPE by blow moulding. Its main function is to keep the gas inside by providing a gas tight barrier. Standard HDPE grades do not give sufficient barrier properties, so the R&D team developed a special grade of HDPE which results in permeation values that are so low that they are hard to measure.
The liner is chemically inert and can withstand temperatures between -40°C and +80°C
Fibers. The LoW8 technology uses ultra strong Aramide fibers (also know under trade names Kevlar or Twaron). The selection of Aramide over glass fiber is driven by performance and durability. Looking at specific strength it even beats carbon fibers and you need 10 times more glass fiber to get the same strength. But it’s not only strong, also processing Aramide fiber at high speeds is relatively easy. Last but not least, the fatigue life of Aramide compared to twaron vezel vergeleken tabelglass fibers is much better.
It’s not only the type of fiber but also how to wind them on the liner. And here lies one of the most spectacular innovation; the fibres are processed dry and stay in position by winding them in pure geodetic patterns. As a result of this the complete cylinder survives enormous deformations when exposed to high impact loading.
Protective Elastomeric Coating. In order to protect the Cylinder against extreme UV, wear and tear and all sorts of chemicals a special grade of though elastomer has been composed. It’s actually so resilient that the cylinder does not need any maintenance over it’s life time. Adding colour pigments in the coating means you can have any corporate colour.
Soft Grip Handle. New for 2015 is that both handle and foot ring are replaceable! This means any owner can decide to have it’s own design and, in the very unlikely situation it get’s damaged, they are easy to replace by means of special tooling. Of course both handle and foot ring are very robust and allow easy and stable stacking of the LoW8 cylinders.
Torque Free End Boss. This patented design overcomes any problem related to so called overtorquing. It’s simply impossible to damage any part of the cylinder by applying too much torque on the valve. Only with a simple tool you can place or remove the valve.
Valve. The valves used on the LoW8 are always fitted with a Pressure Relief Device (PRD). This to warrant safety in case of overfilling with LPG. Other features of the valves: all standard connections available and even with a 80% auto fill stop and fluid withdrawal (for forklifts) are available.
RFID. All LoW8 cylinders are fitted with a RFID Chip which is placed between the liner and the fibers. Since the composite material hardly absorbs radio waves, remote reading is done very easy compared to metal cylinders.